March progress update

Hi !

Still workin’ hard ! I have finished all “basic” screens, i.e. PFD, ND, centered mode ND, Engine screen (upper DU) and MFD (both ENG and SYS). I am currently working on the TCAS implementation in ND and PFD, designed to work with AI planes and also online networks (IVAO, VATSIM). Next, I will work on the weather and terrain radar in ND, which are not implemented yet.

I have a test configuration running in my B737 NG 800 cockpit, which uses 4 raspberrys and one DSTACK, pretty cool … I will had a small video soon. I am also debugging the hardware part, but it’s pretty stable and easy to use.

I am also now thinking to add raspberry pi zero based FMCs. The power of the pi zero is enough for that, with a GPIO connector which hold enough pins to connect the FMC keyboard. But that’s for later 😉

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