March update : windows version

Hi again,

Still working regularly on the project ! I’m on a prolific and durable mood … The FMC is still slowly progressing, and I’m working on a lua script to mimic all the B738 systems, as mentionned inthe last update. But this month, I decided to port the project to windows. I’m currently using X-plane on a linux (ubuntu 18) machine. I had decided at the beginning to make cross-platform development by using Qt, so this month it has been quite straightforward to compile the system for windows. It is now operationnal and I have made a bunch of flights with my cockpit under windows. It would be as easy to produce mac files, but I have no mac at hand.

Then I decided to start investigating a P3D version, so I got myself a developer license of P3D v4.5 and the P3D SDK. Let’s say 80% of the code can be ported as is, but the last 20% requires some work, so I’ll do it slowly and regularly.

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