November Update (finally !)

Long time, no news !
But the project is still ongoing, and well !
I now have all the screens (PFD, ND, engines, …) working fine, except that weather radar and terrain radar are not yet implemented. All the cockpit hardware is supported.

I am currently working on a FMC independent of Xplane, which is based on a Raspberry pi Zero. The little Raspi has a composite video output, which is perfect for driving my recycled PS-one screen and the 69 keys FMC panel is handled using pushbutton matrix connected to the Raspi GPIO port.

Here are two pictures :

FMC, based on a Hispapanel panel and a PSOne 5″ LCD screen
Back side : notice the small raspberry pi zero (down right) which handle wifi communication with the XP11 plugin, drive the FMC keyboard and screen and run the FMC program
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